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Benedikt Guðni Líndal

– also called Benni Líndal, is an A-level riding instructor and has a Master's degree in taming horses from FT in Iceland.

His career as a professional horse trainer and rider began in 1973 and is still going strong, close to 50 years later.

Benni works with young horses and as a trainer of more advanced horses and gives riding lessons in Iceland and abroad. He has successfully participated in many of the biggest tournaments for Icelandic horses, both in Iceland and elsewhere, such as Fjórðungsmót, Landsmót, European Championships and World Championships.

For several years he worked as a riding instructor at both Hvanneyri Agricultural University of Iceland and Hólar University College.


In his teaching the focus has always been on the welfare of the horse in the complicated human-horse relationship, on ways to better understand the horse’s language, behaviour and needs, and how to best pass on this knowledge to his students.

Benni has published the best-selling teaching materials DVD Starting horses and Training and the book Harmony(which was recently republished in Swedish but is sold out in other languages). 

For many years he has, in collaboration with the well known riding equipment manufacturer Stübben GmbH, designed and manufactured the Benni´s Harmony saddles. 

Horse friendly training methods and horse friendly riding tack go hand in hand in the making of a good relationship between horses and humans. 

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